We are truly proud to announce that Quid is the latest company to become SameWorks certified!

Quid is a platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world’s collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions. More specifically, Quid’s text-based data analysis solutions can read millions of documents (e.g. news articles, blog posts, company profiles, and patents) and offers insight by organizing that content visually. Check out some of the gorgeous visualizations on their website!

Making Equity a Priority

When it comes to culture, Quid makes pay equity a priority. “There is value for every team in holding themselves to high standards in addressing unconscious biases. Taking a hard look at all processes, including ensuring fair and equitable pay across similar roles, is an important step towards combating unconscious bias and creating a workplace where all employees can thrive. You may know (or at least, think) you’re doing the right thing, but unless you have independent validation, the team cannot truly have confidence there is pay equity across the company. I recommend a yearly third-party audit to stay accountable and keep standards high.” says Bob Goodson, CEO.

Employees agree: “I view equal pay for equally skilled work as a basic human right. Engineers of the same experience level should receive equal compensation, whether they be a female on the quality team, a male frontend developer, a non-binary data scientist. There are no ‘second class citizens’. I expect my employer to share this value and have a process in place to ensure fair pay.” says Daria Mehra, Director of Quality Engineering.

Put Robust Processes to the Test

For the Quid HR team, the decision to use SameWorks came down to having an independent review of already robust internal processes. “Over the years, we heavily focused on building out internal systems and processes to ensure our compensation packages were fair and competitive. SameWorks provided us with the opportunity to have our systems put to the test. Using a 3rd party to audit our compensation helped us to easily view our metrics and highlight areas of inequity that required attention.” says Michael Milner, VP of People Operations.

“SameWorks provided the perfect complement to the other compensation tools we use.  Moving forward, we have the ability to audit our compensation packages on a yearly basis and maintain our dedication to pay equity, especially as we scale,” Milner explains.

Quid employees enjoy a fast-paced, iterative environment, where employees work together in small teams with clear goals and responsibilities to maximize efficiency of execution. The company believes in teamwork measured by impact—not seniority—and a culture that promotes learning and teaching. Quid’s cultural values mirror their commitment to equity: Open. Positive. Respectful. Optimistic.

Best yet: Quid is hiring! Check out their career page to view open positions across the company!