We’re reflecting on the state of pay equity globally in honor of Equal Pay Day 2018. There is a lot to be done: according to Hired, 63% of the time, men are offered higher salaries than women for the same role at the same company. On average, these companies offer women 4% less than men for the same role, with some offering women up to 45% less.

Regardless of gender, race or circumstance, people who find out they’re paid less are highly likely to leave their jobs – per the Kapor Center for Social Impact, perceived unfair treatment is the #1 reason employees quit tech jobs, and it costs the industry billions in lost productivity annually. The business case is clear, and we’re here to help companies achieve and maintain equal pay!

That said, we are proud for the accomplishments companies are making to ensure they do not create a pay gap – great companies like Searchmetrics Inc, who have recently been certified, as well as SpareFoot, data.world and Square Root. We are hopeful many more will join them in getting certified this year!

If you’re interested in pay equity certification, contact us. We are here to make it happen for your business, your brand, and your employees!