How SameWorks Works

Our Easy-to-Use Workflow Tools Make Certification Simple

View Diversity Metrics and Insights

We provide diversity metrics across your organization. Share reports and metrics with leadership to establish a baseline.

Identify Pay Situations

Our tool makes it easy to resolve situations where unequal pay is occurring. Take action with our straightforward and flexible approach.

Create a Plan

Review the total financial impact of proposed adjustments and finalize your plan. Then manage changes with our easy-to-track checklist.


Get Certified

Once you’ve enacted your plan, we’ll review your work. If everything looks good, you’re certified! Use our marketing toolkit to attract customers and ¬†celebrate with employees!

Employee Diversity Reports

Out-of-the box metrics and insights for your business. Review diversity, age and gender metrics overall and by department. Track changes over time to measure the impact of your efforts.

Uncover and Resolve Pay Issues

Easily identify, review and resolve pay situations between two or more employees in the same role. See an estimate of total cost impact to your organization. Easily view a comprehensive list of adjustmnts to make in your payroll and HR systems.