SpareFoot, and Square Root offer equal pay for equal work

SameWorks® is proud to announce that three tech companies are the first to have achieved pay equity certification, and made a commitment to their employees to maintain pay equity over time. These companies have followed SameWorks guidelines, which are based on US equal pay laws, to ensure that their workforce is paid fairly for the work they do, regardless of race, age, gender, or other factors.

To get certified, companies undergo a process guided by SameWorks’ software tools:

SameWorks customer portal identifies instances where two people doing the same job are paid differently. Companies must either correct, or justify the reason why the pay difference exists, in all instances. Justifications for pay differences must be valid reasons like performance, tenure, industry-relevant experience or industry-relevant education.
  • Companies must also adhere to best practices in the process of hiring and promotions to ensure they maintain pay equity over time.
  • SameWorks audits their work to ensure that all standards and criteria have been met. Third-party oversight ensures that companies have followed the process, and protects against false claims.

Pay equity is a morale boost for a company’s employees. Sarah Kampman, VP of Product at Square Root says, “Discussing salary isn’t just taboo — it’s explicitly forbidden at a lot of companies. So although I hope I’ve been paid fairly over the last twenty years, I have no way of knowing for sure. Working for a company that puts its pay practices up for review is a revelation and a relief. Every organization should be willing to do this.”

“Working for an employer that makes pay equality a priority gives me peace of mind that I am not a victim of the dreaded gender pay gap,” said Megan Oertel, Business Intelligence Manager at SpareFoot and co-founder of Women of SpareFoot and the Austin Diversity and Inclusion Project.

Pay equity certification can help companies retain their top performers. According to the Kapor Center for Social Impact, almost 40% of people who leave tech jobs do so due to perceived unfair treatment. SameWorks helps companies stay on top of equal pay over time, making that process transparent to employees and the public.

“In the past, we have had an employee analyze anonymous data to ensure fair pay,” said Chuck Gordon, CEO of SpareFoot. “When the opportunity arose to work with SameWorks, we were excited. We want our employees to know they are valued and feel comfortable that they are being paid fairly, so they can focus on doing great work.”

SpareFoot Team

“As a public benefit corporation and Certified B Corporation®, we strongly value diversity, inclusion, equal pay, and our social impact as a company.  They are absolutely critical to building a successful company and great workplace.  Making sure we have pay equity for our employees is foundational to these efforts, and we are very proud to be one of the first certified companies in the world in this area as well,” says Brett Hurt, CEO and Co-founder of team

SameWorks CEO, Crystal Hansen, says: “In many cities, top talent is hard to come by. Companies are looking for an edge. Pay equity is table stakes in the minds of many sought-after employees. We’re helping to make this process simple, transparent and affordable, so that all companies can do the right thing.”