Are you concerned about pay equity at your company? Do you believe all people should be compensated fairly?

SameWorks is here to help employees and companies close the pay gap once and for all.

How SameWorks Works

SameWorks is a solution like no other on the market. We are focused on helping companies like yours identify gaps in pay equity, make adjustments, and then issue a certification when they have passed an audit. Our software tools makes the process as simple as possible for employers, and helps guide them every step of the way.

SameWorks’ methodology is inspired by US government regulations covering pay equality. Two people, men or women, who are doing the same job, with similar skills, performance and experience, should be paid the same.

We’ve made this tool intentionally affordable, so that companies of all sizes and budgets can easily sign up, get started and get certified.

We view all humans as equal, so we do not take gender, race or ethnicity into account when we apply our guidelines. Often both men and women will reap the benefits of a pay equity audit.

In addition, leadership will have the opportunity to review current compensation, talent management and job leveling practices. That means that your manager will be better equipped to discuss career growth with you.

Tips for talking with your leadership about SameWorks

  • How much pay equity means to you personally. Often, companies view employee compensation as a pragmatic decision based on the outcome of negotiations, and the previous salary history of candidates. For employees, finding out they are paid less can be a deeply personal issue. It’s important to have a candid conversation with your manager about how much equity means to you and your colleagues.
  • Some high level facts about the pay gap in the US.
  • That SameWorks can help your company attract top talent, by placing the certification seal on job board such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.
  • That you and your colleagues will be motivated to stay with the company if they had pay equity certification.
  • That you would share news about the certification on social media, and tell your friends and family about it.
  • The process is simple, efficient, and inexpensive to get started – just $100 a month! Which is probably less money than your personal monthly internet and mobile phone services.