Why Fair Pay Pays Off

Increase retention. Improve performance. Drive bottom line results.

Retain Top Performers

Gain trust, and keep your best people doing what they love to do – for your company.

Drive Performance

Highly engaged employees deliver 21% greater productivity.

Win Customers

Drive traffic and engagement with your brand, tapping into the consciousness of your consumer.


Percent of tech workers leave due to "Unfair treatment".


Percent of millennials who believe a company's mission is the most important factor in choosing an employer.


Diverse teams are 30% more performant than non-diverse teams.


Companies with highly engaged workforces are 22% more profitable.

Create an Authentic Employee Experience

Today’s workforce is savvy and educated. It’s not enough to equip your office with ping pong tables and a juice bar. Your employees want reassurance that they are being treated fairly. Our solution makes it easy for companies to prove they care holistically about their employees.

Our Standards Build Transparency and Trust

We publish our standards openly on our website. Your employees are encouraged to research and learn about our methodologies. We help build trust in your organization.

Your Brand, Our Certification Directory

Job seekers and consumers can browse our catalog of certified companies and find your company’s job site. Connect your brand with applicants and customers seeking fair pay.