About SameWorks

We are Committed to Building High Performance Workplaces

Fair Means Fair

We are dedicated to fair pay a reality for all humans. Our objective, data-centric approach makes it simple for companies to achieve.

Open Standards

Our standards and guidelines are published openly for the public to see. We are committed to building trust through transparency.

Customer Collaborative

Our customers drive our vision and influence our direction. We believe in collaborating tightly with customers to ensure we are developing tools and processes that drive results for their businesses.

Brand Guardians

We protect our customers’ brands, by ensuring our standards for quality are high and that we are consistent in enforcement of our guidelines. We are a positive voice in the media, focused on finding solutions to problems.

Crystal Hansen, CEO and Founder

Crystal Hansen is founder and CEO of SameWorks,  based in Austin, TX.

Her current obsession is helping organizations improve their bottom-line results by boosting employee engagement and morale, leading to performance gains and productivity increases. She believes that great companies with happy employees ultimately will win in any market or industry.

Prior to starting SameWorks, Crystal was Director of Product Management at WP Engine. At WP Engine, she led product initiatives to serve the needs of over 60,000 customers globally. Prior to WP Engine, she worked in Product at Bazaarvoice. Over the past 15 years, she has held technical and business roles in industries including Real Estate technology, Finance, Computer Gaming, and Education.