1. We help protect your reputation.

By conducting a certifiable pay equity audit, you’re showing your employees and the public that you care. You are also preventing potential damage to your reputation in the process! Should your business’ policies and procedures regarding equal pay ever be questioned, you will have proof that your company is taking action to ensure employees are compensated fairly.

2. Your customers will love you for it.

Once certified, you can place our certification seal pretty much anywhere your customers are shopping. If you sell physical products, you can print it directly on your consumer packaging. You can place it at the checkout where your customers shop. Or, you can display it on your website. One study showed that 94% of consumers would switch brands to support a cause. Tap into the desire for consumers to transact with companies that are making the world a better place.

3. You’ll extend the reach and equity of your brand.

80% of consumers agree that businesses should play a role in addressing societal issues. By aligning your brand with pay equity, you are joining a growing movement towards measurable equality in the workplace. Your company, brand, and team will become a visible contributor to a group of companies that are part of this global movement. Your company will be highlighted on our public directory of pay equity certified businesses. You  will be able to speak openly to the media, and at conferences, about your accomplishment.

4. You will attract top, diverse talent.

Top performers have the pick of the job market. Often, they are looking for more than just a salary when choosing their next role. Rather than advertising a ping pong table, or free lunches on your recruiting website, tout a benefit that actually matters to them: measurable pay equity. In fact, 75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company. Place our certification seal on your recruiting page, and on job boards. Set your company apart from all of the other businesses in your market.

5. You’ll retain your top performing employees.

People talk. Millennials, especially, are more transparent about sharing their salaries. Eventually, the truth comes out. Losing a highly valuable employee because they believe they’re not being treated fairly can cost between 1.5-2x their annual salary, which is more than your business can afford. By going through the SameWorks process, your company demonstrates that you’re making fair and just decisions about compensation. Equality is a morale and performance booster.

6. Your social and diversity marketing efforts will actually mean something.

Unlike most social marketing, SameWorks certification is different. It’s no longer enough to say that your company values equality, without backing it up with action and proof. We’re challenging all companies who run social marketing campaigns to show that their commitment to equality runs deeper than a super bowl ad. Consumers who interact with your brand can follow up and learn more about your measurable accomplishments. Authenticity matters.

7. You will reduce your legal risk.

By pulling together your record of the pay equity audit through the SameWorks process, you’re showing that your company has gone above and beyond the standard practices most companies use for compensation policies. You will send a strong signal that you have done the due diligence and considered every employee’s individual standing against a robust and objective compensation framework. SameWorks’ streamlined and effective process helps ensure you are detail-oriented in your decision-making. Active legal issues can be a real blocker if your company is looking for investment or acquisition opportunities. We help your business mitigate those risks.