Employees Talk. Are You Prepared?

Over half of millennials talk openly about pay with friends and colleagues. With SameWorks certification, you can feel confident they’ll be saying great things.

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Reduce Workforce Attrition

Most people leave jobs due to perceived unfair treatment. You can’t afford to lose your best people.  Boost retention, employee loyalty, and job satisfaction through pay equity certification.

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We offer pay equity certification, proving that your business has equal pay for equal work. 


Our unbiased, third-pary audits based on transparent standards build confidence and trust with employees and the public.

Our Product Makes Achieving Certification Simple

View Company Diversity Metrics

Our tool makes it easy to view and measure your company’s diversity, age and gender metrics.

Make Adjustments and Exceptions

Review and resolve pay situations between employees with pay and role adjustment tools.

Advertise and Amplify Your Certification

Feature our certification seal on your company’s website, job boards, and anywhere else you connect with candidates or customers.

First Three Companies Achieve SameWorks Equal Pay Certification

SpareFoot, data.world and Square Root offer equal pay for equal work SameWorks® is proud to announce that three tech companies are the first to have achieved pay equity certification, and made a commitment to their employees to maintain pay equity over time. These...
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Congratulations, Iceland!

Equal Pay Day came early this year in the country of Iceland. As of January 1, it is now illegal in Iceland to pay men and women differently. Companies with over 25 employees who are not able to demonstrate pay equity will be required to remediate the issue or face...
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Helpful Tips for Job Seekers: Nailing The Interview

At SameWorks, we are committed to helping employees holistically. We wanted to share some of our favorite tips on how to ace any job interview, and also to be sure you're picking the right employer! Our top tips center around being as big a sleuth as possible prior to...
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How to approach your company about a pay equity audit

It can be tricky to approach your company to ask if they have conducted a pay equity audit. You may be worried about your boss, or your HR team's response. Fear not! Here are some easy tips you can use to help the process go smoothly! 1. Print Our Flyer and Share Some...
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7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SameWorks

1. We help protect your reputation. By conducting a certifiable pay equity audit, you're showing your employees and the public that you care. You are also preventing potential damage to your reputation in the process! Should your business' policies and procedures...
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Women in the Workplace 2017: Analysis of the McKinsey Report

This week, McKinsey released their annual report of the state of women in the workplace. This report is a must-read for employees and leadership alike. If you haven't taken the chance to read it, we strongly suggest you schedule some time on your calendar to do so! At...
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Why You Need to Tell Your Boss about SameWorks

At SameWorks, we've developed tools and processes to help companies solve the pay gap. In order for our mission to succeed, we need your help. Companies are more likely to be motivated to solve this problem if their employees speak up and demand change. Here are some...
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Why your company doesn’t have pay equity (And what to do about it)

There's a good chance that your company doesn't currently have pay equity across all employees and teams. That doesn't mean your organization is intentionally paying certain demographic groups, like women or minorities, differently. However, given the tendency of...
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Certification Brand Guidelines

For information about certification eligibility criteria, see our article on standards. Subscribers in good standing with Service Provider (“You”) shall be granted a limited, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, and revocable license to...
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Policies: Acceptable Use, Privacy, Data Request, Security Practices

ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY Last Updated: September 19, 2017 This acceptable use policy (“Acceptable Use Policy”) sets out a list of acceptable and unacceptable conduct for our Services.  If Service Provider believes a violation of the policy is deliberate, repeated or...
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